Providing Holistic Healing to Reconnect, Balance and Thrive
Since 1994

Message from Dr. Coppola,

“Welcome to the journey into healing!

Our human bodies are designed to be self-healing. The fact is, when we are in balance physically, bio-chemically and emotionally, we heal.

I practice an alternative approach to health care and utilize natural methods to address possible imbalances which contribute to your symptoms, stress and/or disease. I will provide you with guidance and administer treatment immediately, thereby awakening you to your authentic power to transform and create change.

When you experience my life-changing mind-body realization therapy, the root-causes of your symptoms are revealed. I facilitate your healing on your First Visit, by listening to your health concerns, and then creating a personalized treatment plan.

After just one visit, your spirit is uplifted, your mind at ease, and your body relieved. Children and teenagers have been able to obtain miraculous results with my approach.

Please check out my first book ‘The Wisdom of Emotions: Building Genuine Happiness and Finding Inner Peace’ and begin educating yourself on how to make the changes necessary to enhance your healing potential, improve your quality of life and catapult you to mindfulness for maintaining wellness.”