– Anxiety; Addiction to Xanax for 21 years; Prostate Cancer –
“I first started seeing Dr. Dave because anxiety and depression caused me to lose my will to live. After a few treatments, I was getting back on track to being myself again. Dr. Dave was persistent to my having more good days than bad days. Since my wife died in 1989, I was taking Xanax to address debilitating bouts of anxiety. Dr. Dave worked with my medical doctor to help me win a battle I faced for 22 years. Recently, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and my PSA count rose to 16. After a few visits with Dr. Dave and my urologist, I no longer worry about that, as my PSA count has dropped to 2.5. I am now able to enjoy my golden years thanks to Dr. Dave’s work with my medical doctors.”
– Jack Lane, Retired Veteran & Merchant Seaman, Key Largo, FL

– High Blood Pressure; Hypertension –
“I started seeing Dr. Coppola because I noticed he was doing such a good job helping my wife and children maintain health and well-being. My concern was high blood pressure and the need to lose weight. I knew that if I could be inspired to change the way I was eating, and shed 50 lbs., I could get off the pharmaceutical drugs I was prisoner to, and control my blood pressure. By changing my lifestyle which involved completely cutting wheat and sugar out of my diet, and exercising daily, the results started to show. Dr. Dave used a specific acupuncture protocol and adjusted me weekly. Needless to say, his ideas regarding balance in life inspired me to no end. I am now 57 lbs. lighter, walk and swim nearly every day and, best of all, do not take any pharmaceutical drugs. Every time I leave Dr. Dave’s office I feel brand new! My blood pressure has dropped from 160/94 to 120/70. Thanks Dr. Dave!”
– Albert Cordoves, Architect, Corwil Architects, Inc., Miami, FL

– Neck Pain –
“I had neck pain for 2 months. It made me miserable and totally took me out of character. I went to 5 medical specialists before my first visit with Dr. Coppola on Oct. 29, 2013. After just one visit, my neck was 95% better! I continue to see Dr. Coppola monthly for wellness care. I find his healing sessions invaluable for maintaining my quality of life, not to mention I certainly don’t want to go back to feeling like I did! These days I tell everyone I meet, who is in pain, to go see Dr. Coppola. His approach to health care really works!”
– Thomas Smith, General Contractor, Keys Green Builders Inc., Ocean Reef Club, Key Largo, FL

– Chronic Shoulder Pain and Low Back Pain-
“On the day of my first appointment with Dr. Dave, I was experiencing severe sharp pains in my lower back. Just moving my foot from the gas pedal to the brake was painful. My right shoulder had felt inflamed from the top of the shoulder down into the upper part of my arm for several months. After performing a holistic diagnosis, Dr. Dave selected acupuncture and the LifeLine Technique® as the treatment protocol for me. I realized that this was unlike any treatment (including years of sports medicine treatments and chiropractic) I had ever received….BUT more importantly, when my appointment ended, it was the results that were FAR different. The pain was gone in my back and my shoulder. I won’t say that I couldn’t believe it, but I was amazed and happily surprised that I had only one appointment and felt as though the pain never existed…I felt HEALED! Since then, I’ve been working out like the pain had never existed. It is only a few weeks later, and I am able to do very strenuous workouts on my back, legs and shoulders. The back pain that I thought would need surgery to fix is a distant memory. As far as my shoulder is concerned, I am becoming a weekend warrior at tennis and I feel great. Thanks Dr. Dave! All the best!”
– Tom Fox, Senior Financial Associate, Hawk Associates, Key Largo, FL

– Hip Pain –
“I have trained as a martial artist for the past 25 years. During that time, I have managed to put my body into countless demanding positions. Over the years, I have used several different approaches to rehabilitation and healing with regard to numerous injuries. Recently, I was here in Miami for business and began to experience moderate pain associated with my hips. After an arduous search for the best medical practitioner possible, I came across Dr. Coppola’s practice. In just one visit, with the use of Chiropractic care and Acupuncture, he managed to ‘upright’ my ship. The best recommendation any one can give is……. Would you use this service again? The answer is wholeheartedly YES!”
– Captain Larry Jernigan, Caribbean Airlines Ltd., American Airlines (Ret)
American Karate Black Belt Association, 5th degree, Miami, FL

– Knee Pain –
“I had suffered with patellar tendinitis for nearly a year, as a consequence of exercise and sports over many years. The condition fluctuated between annoyingly sore and painful. I was continually switching between Aleve and Motrin tablets to go about my daily routine. I had limited all my activities that included anything with a lot of walking. On January 25, 2013, as a New Year’s resolution, I sought the help and guidance of Dr. Coppola. After a single visit, I experienced temporary relief. The visit consisted of acupuncture, massage and overwhelming positive energy. The relief lasted about 8 days. Each subsequent visit gave me longer relief until my 5th, which has completely alleviated the condition. I have now been pain free and soreness free for 4 months and have my life back! I have a positive outlook on life, more energy and am active again. I will always seek Dr. Coppola’s guidance for any issues in the future.”
– Emilie Stewart, Key Largo, FL

– Achilles Tendonitis, Haglund’s Deformity –
“I came to Dr. Coppola with inflammation swelling and crippling pain in the summer of 2012. I literally could not walk downstairs. Running was out of the question, and even simply walking was a task. I had scheduled for surgery to correct this issue. After two months under Dr. Coppola’s skilled care, I began to see marked improvements. I delayed the surgery and finally cancelled it. Today, one year later, I am pain free, swelling free and only experience occasional bits of inflammation. I am up to speed walking for one mile and getting myself back into running! Thank you, Dr. Dave, you kept me away from the knife and gave me my feet back!”
– Harolyn Keeney, Long Key, FL

-Upper, Middle and Lower Back Pain; Headaches
“I used to go to a Chiropractor every week with debilitating back pain. Since I moved to Key Largo in 2010 and started seeing Dr. Dave, I only need treatment about once a month. Dr. Dave has addressed and corrected the underlying factors contributing to the back pain and headaches. I am feeling more stable and focused in my business and personal life.”
-Tony Allen, Owner, Allen Beyer Funeral Home, Key Largo, FL

– Grief, Depression & Anxiety –
“I reached the limit that a person could take when it comes to grieving. Besides losing my mother and only brother too early, my husband and my father both died within the passed year. I woke up every morning crying and battled anxiety and fear until I started seeing Dr. Coppola. He has helped me tremendously! He teaches me, in every visit, to process all my feelings and helps me transform all of them into gratitude. After working with Dr. Coppola this passed winter in Key Largo, I feel I can go back home to Michigan more emotionally stable and hopeful. I can enjoy the next phase of my life. It will be without my husband whom I was with nearly 50 years, but I will have strategies and techniques Dr. Coppola taught me to start a new life with infinite love & gratitude.”
– Kathleen Frasard, Retired, Saint Clair Shores, MI / Key Largo, FL

– Insomnia & Anxiety
“I thought I tried everything… Then I went to Dr. Coppola, and for the first time, since I can remember, I slept through the night peacefully and didn’t experience my muscles jumping all around. I felt a shift in my energy and
a sense of clearing. Thank you for helping me attain a feeling of peace throughout my body and mind.”
– Carl M., Flight Attendant, AmericanAirlines, Brazil/Miami FL

Emotional Stress & Fatigue
“Dr. Dave, thank you so much for your sincere attention and going extra miles. It has truly helped me re-connect with my higher energy frequencies. I feel so light and empowered! Infinite love and gratitude!”
– Karan M., Realtor, Florida Keys

Heart Attack Survivor –
“I am a 55-year old female. Having a major heart attack was not on my list of things to do. My day started off as planned on June 27, 2011. About 4:30pm, I started having a hot flash with all the familiar stuff: sweating, heart pounding, shortness of breath, etc. This one was different though. It was not going away and was accompanied by tingling in the arms. I called Dr. Coppola, and 911. I was rushed to the Mariners Hospital in Tavernier, FL. I was having an acute myocardial infarction, otherwise known as a heart attack! My right coronary artery was apparently 100% blocked. Before I was air-lifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Dr. Coppola came into the emergency room and performed a LifeLine session on me, with the intention that I have no heart damage. During the session, my heart rate dropped from 90 beats per minute (bpm) to 62 bpm and my blood pressure normalized, for me, to 92/68. This was only the beginning… during Dr. Coppola’s treatment, I experienced a current of white light being transferred from Dr. Coppola to me and then back to him. I don’t know how long this flow of energy lasted, but I know it saved my heart from having any damage and prevented the need for open heart surgery. At Jackson Memorial Hospital I had a full cardiac work-up and they determined that there was no damage to my heart; it had healed. They put a stint in my right coronary artery and today I am living proof that Dr. Coppola’s treatment was so powerful that after experiencing a full blown heart attack I can honestly say, I have no damage to my heart and have healed miraculously. Thank you Dr. Coppola.”
– Terrie Stracener, Retired, Key Largo, FL

Pre-cancerous Abnormal Cervical Cells –
“I went to Dr. Dave after I was diagnosed with abnormal cervical cells. After his Lifeline treatments, supported by a detoxification program and natural wholefood supplementation, he was able to bring me back to health. Dr. Dave was able to help eradicate any signs of cancer or pathology upon medical re-examination. Powerful stuff!”
– Sharon Anderson, Retired, Key Largo, FL

Stage 4 Lung Cancer
Recurring breast cancer to the chest wall
“After my first visit with Dr. David Coppola, I was able to breathe more deeply. It was the first time in eighteen months that I experienced deep breathing. After a few treatments with Dr. Dave using the Lifeline Technique, all my scans and bloodwork have improved. My oncologist was very impressed with the Lifeline Technique and how Dr. Coppola’s work on me alone has helped my tumor markers improve to 20! I have gone from being bedridden and having visiting nurses to swimming laps in my pool. My friends can hardly believe my transformation! All I can say is that I have had a miraculous healing! Thank-you Dr. Dave.”
– Wendy Riske, Islamorada, FL

Smoking Addiction
“Dr. Dave is a fantastic life coach and healer. I’ve been going to him for years to maintain a healthy back, but this time I decided to ask him for help with an addiction of nearly 40 years. My smoking habit is a thing of the past. It is gone after just three visits! I did pretty good after just one visit, and felt in control of my urges, but broke down a few days later. After two more sessions of reconnecting to my will power, I was able to put those nasty cigarettes down for good! This was the most effective smoking cessation program I have ever done. My body feels great, and I feel more energetic and healthier than I’ve ever been! I now have the trust and confidence in a doctor I can rely on for amazing results for any of my future unhealthy habitual tendencies.”
-Bob Hadley, Key Largo, FL

Brain Tumor Surgery Rehabilitation
“I had surgery to remove a brain tumor in 2009 when I was 43 years old. I was referred to Dr. Dave to help me recover from this life-threatening experience. I learned that we have angels in our lives to protect us. In my particular case, I have one named Dr. David Coppola. I could call him my therapist, but from my heart, I have to call him Master. I felt a huge shift inside me after seeing Dr. Dave, as he taught me awareness and how to bring thoughts into feelings for making healthier decisions. This opportunity has helped me look at life in a different way. I learned to listen to myself, love myself, feel happy, and understand how certain situations can make life challenging. If we keep our body, mind, and spirit in peace and harmony, we can heal ourselves. Nothing is impossible!”
– Marcela Vannelli, Argentina/Miami, FL

Improving Athletic Performance
“As someone who trains very hard, I find my weekly sessions with Dr. Dave absolutely indispensable. His ability to ‘reset’ my body and prepare me to achieve peak performance is a real gift!”
– Mark B., Business Owner & Tri-athlete, Miami, FL

Neck, Back and Thigh Pain, Improving Golf Game –
“I am an avid golfer and love to play the game several times a week. For 7 months, I had neck and shoulder pain that wouldn’t go away. Not only was it keeping me from playing golf, but it started distracting my sleep. In addition to that, my hamstring had been hurting for two years. Sitting at my desk was impossible. I couldn’t even sit comfortably to eat dinner. I heard Dr. Coppola helped a friend of mine overcome neck pain in one visit! I went to see him with the goal of getting back on the golf course and literally getting my life back. I am so grateful for how effective his treatment worked. His holistic approach and compassionate manner resolved all the aches, pains, after 4 visits. Now I am able to play golf 5 times a week and work at my desk. Life is good!”
– Linda Roberts, Investments, Ocean Reef Club, Key Largo, FL

“Thank you, Dr. Dave, for your time and energy. The healing you performed on me was amazing! I continue to feel wonderful, creative and free of pain!”
Sandra Crede, Musician
Winner of the 2009 New Music Awards